5 Things to Remember When Cleaning an Office

5 Things to Remember When Cleaning an OfficeOffice Cleaning Gaylord Michigan

Have you ever walked into a dirty office? What did you think about the company? It’s no surprise that your first impressions of the company were less than stellar. Managers know that having a clean office helps with productivity of the employees and creating good first impressions with clients. You could say that without a clean office, your company will not perform as well. So here is a list of 5 things to remember when cleaning an office or when choosing a good commercial cleaning company.

Details that no one sees

Many people do not view cleaning an office as the same as their home.  This makes sense because, well….it’s not.  However, attention to detail is still critical.  What is actually clean to one person may differ to another.  So it is important to maintain the highest standard of clean.  A great cleaning company will pay attention to the details, the employees will not even notice them.

Why so much dust?

Have you ever looked at an office and thought how clean it looks, only to later notice how dusty the vents are?  Keeping vents clean of dust will aid in the overall cleanliness of the whole office.  People are more allergic to things now than ever before. A great cleaning company will look for ways to keep the cleanliness of the office high even when they are not there.


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Disinfecting will help keep employees healthy

Make the germs go away

Disinfecting is really high on the priority list of a great cleaning company.  So many people come through the doors and are interacting with one another that it is inevitable that germs will spread.  A critical area of disinfecting that often gets overlooked is door handles.  Think about how many times a person puts his or her hands to there face or mouth area in a day, then opens doors, touch keyboards and phones.  Disinfecting will help keep employees healthy which is only good for all of us in the long run.



First impressions are lasting impressions

So much business is gained or lost at mere appearance.  How does the morale of the employees look, is the person trying to sell me well dressed and clean?  The same goes for the appearance of the building.  Common areas, lobbies and entries are especially important to keep clean because it is often the first impression of prospective new business.  These areas are often overlooked by most cleaning companies but not by great ones.


Honesty is the best policy

It is surprising how many personal things people leave laying around on desks. A great cleaning company has workers they can trust.  That goes a long way when cleaning offices.  A tidy desk will lead to better productivity, but that does not mean the cleaning company has the right to “clean” what is not theirs.  Many times the cleaning company comes in to do the job after hours when no one else is around. How important it is to have a company you can trust.

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